What We Do

The designers at Clark+Jordan Interiors, have been designing commercial interiors for over 25 years and have been successful with many different projects that range in size and type from one office space to several commercial buildings. Our design team will provide a design that will give your firm a unique character that is all its own to create that memorable first impression you want your clients to walk away with after that first meeting. With an eye on sustainability and intelligent space planning Clark+Jordan produces plans that fit form and function with your bottom line.
We take numerous factors into consideration when designing your space plan such as ventilation, cabling, storage, lighting, acoustics, accessibility, traffic flow, fire safety and many more. We use intelligent space planning and the latest in AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) software to provide you with the solution you need to maximize the use of your space within your budget.
We are an authorized dealer for many lines of furniture that will fit your budget. Whether you are looking for standard furnishings or high end and unique. Our staff at Clark+Jordan Interiors has experience in residential and commercial space procurement. We carry the latest in architectural surfaces, case goods, floor coverings, lighting fixtures, and much more. Sit down in the studio showroom with our team at Clark+Jordan and you will be amazed by what is available.

Who We Are

John Doe

Brad Jordan

Brad Jordan has 15 years of experience at varying levels of management. Currently he is president of Accord Architects & Engineers which he and his partner founded in March of 2011. He brings strong problem solving and project management skills to his role as President and Project Manager. He is proficient in team leadership and planning. His experience in technical fields of study and work give him the unique set of skills to grasp complex technical concepts and relate them in easier to understand terms. Mr. Jordan also brings his experience as Chief Executive Officer of Carolina Aerial Surveys to aa+e with him. He looks to chart a successful course for the firm in the coming years.

Our Capabilities


How much is this going to cost?

The answer to this question is dependent on the size of your project and what you want to do in your space. You can spend as little as you want or the sky is the limit as they say. We strive to meet your tastes at the lowest cost possible always but it is always contingent on budgetary constants. It is very helpful to have an idea of how much money you are willing to spend and share that with the designer so that they can keep it in mind during the process of specifying your materials.

How long before I see the plan for my space?

This ultimately depends on the size of the space that needs to be planned. We have planned large corporate spaces, whole houses, doctor’s offices, and single rooms. Every project is different and has its own time schedule. It is best to plan when you would like to have it done by and share that with your designer. We will try our best to meet your schedule.

What type or brands of furnishings and finishes do you carry?

All of them. We can get any type that you want. We have a studio of sample for you to review and choose from.

Are your designs more contemporary, modern, or traditional?

Our designs are what you prefer. We try to meet the client’s expectations for style and taste while maintaining the overall intent of the design.

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We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.